Great brand on a budget


The Dough Guys


Lockdown closing the existing pub business


Go digital with eCommerce website and eMarketing


Website with small budget but very fast turnaround

The need

The clients were owners of a pub which had only recently been refurbished was closed by lockdown.

They desperately needed a new source of income but had little capital left to launch anything.

The Plan

Recognising that they had the necessary equipment and personnel to run an online pizza business, they formulated a menu and delivery strategy.

Then they approached Push to get them online and selling as quickly as possible.

The Result

Push created their branding on the name The Dough Guys giving them a strong, instantly recognisable and memorable image that fitted the ethos of the fun and casual personality of home pizza.

An inviting and consumer friendly website was designed, written and built in double quick time getting the business online and selling in just a few days.

The business has enjoyed immediate success becoming a leading player in their geographical market.

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